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Nostalgia Blend

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Dark Roast
Columbian & Brazilian Coffees.
Elevation 6100’
Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Roasted Almonds, Blackberry.

We here at Caffe Cocina view coffee from a very musical standpoint, and music can be wildly nostalgic. Yourself like many others, may have experienced coffee for your first time and tripped across it’s harsh bitter characteristics. While we know there is so much more to it’s complexity we find that a large number of coffee lovers long for a dark rich robust cup.

This nostalgic nature stood as key inspiration in creating this wonderful and harmonious blend that takes you right back to where it all began. Without delivering the harsh oily bight that could hold a spoon vertical for hours, our nostalgia blend will delight you in a complex and very drinkable cup of coffee.

Enjoy it this dark roast as an Espresso, PourOver, Chemex, or FrenchPress.

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12 oz, 2 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Pre-Ground