Signature Blends

We cater to every type of coffee drinker.

Nostalgia Blend!

Dark Roast
Columbian & Brazilian Coffees.
Elevation 6100’
Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Roasted Almonds, Blackberry.

We here at Caffe Cocina view coffee from a very musical standpoint, and music can be wildly nostalgic. Yourself like many others, may have experienced coffee for your first time and tripped across it’s harsh bitter characteristics. While we know there is so much more to it’s complexity we find that a large number of coffee lovers long for a dark rich robust cup.

This nostalgic nature stood as key inspiration in creating this wonderful and harmonious blend that takes you right back to where it all began. Without delivering the harsh oily bight that could hold a spoon vertical for hours, our nostalgia blend will delight you in a complex and very drinkable cup of coffee.

Enjoy it this dark roast as an Espresso, PourOver, Chemex, or FrenchPress.

Fermata Blend

Medium Dark Roast
Columbian, Brazilian and Nicaraguan Coffees.
Elevation 5800’
Tasting Notes: Lemon, Raspberry, Bright and Balanced.

Fermata: Italian from fermare, to stay or stop; also know as a hold, or a pause.

We recommend doing all of these things when enjoying this delicate and beautiful coffee. Stop your day and stay awhile, hold this coffee and enjoy the pause. Let this bright note in your day last awhile.

The Fermata Blend is a variety of the best Columbian, Brazilian and Nicaraguan coffees. Designed to give your morning a balanced melody. Should you choose to prolong it, you may. With tasting notes of Lemon and Raspberry, Fermata is a definite crowd pleaser.

Enjoy as regular drip coffee, PourOver, AeroPress

Symphony Espresso

Medium Roast
Central, S. American & African Coffees
Elevation: 6200’
Tasting Notes: Grain, Brown Sugar, Cocoa.

We’ve explored the future of coffee on the principle of reliable quality and remain untamed by the pressure to conform to the typical. Symphony Espresso is Caffe Cocina’s way of saving the world from poor espresso. Continuing to promise a trustworthy means to exciting coffee adventures, and waking up an entirely different style of coffee in the great pPacific North West. Extracted properly as an espresso, this will attack every surface of your pallet and give a clean rich taste with no ugly or bitter finish. Sweet, Consistent and Reliable.

Enjoy as Espresso.

Crescendo Blend

French Roast
Central & S. American Coffees
Elevation 4800’
Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Dark, Powerful, Bold

Introducing our Crescendo French Roast. Crescendo: the loudest point in a gradually increasing sound. See what we did there? Coming in as the darkest coffee in our collection, this loud and dark giant is a dream for French and Italian style coffee drinkers. Ringing true to its designed nature, Crescendo will compliment your cup with full bodied rich and robust flavors.

Enjoy as regular drip coffee, French Press, or Chemex.