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About the Café

Caffe Cocina is more than a café - We are a community partner.

Caffe Cocina Value Statement

Caffe Cocina is the local expert in providing distinct and flavorful coffee experiences by only sourcing Direct and Fair Trade organic coffee and roasting locally to ensure exceptional quality. We partner with local farmers to provide the freshest farm to table menu possible. Our care and commitment to our community extends to our customers. We are driven to create exceptional customer service with our dedication to consistent improvement.

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Caffe Cocina is a specialty cafe and coffee roasting company which is strongly rooted in the Kitsap community.

Our business has been established based on our commitment to the education and use of artisanal coffees. We partner with local farmers for our produce and food options to provide a farm to table experience. We have a kitchen that we prepare all of our goods and pastries in, maintaining recipe creations by Caffe Cocina.

Caffe Cocina’s coffee menu is structured to not only cater to every type of coffee drinker but to delight them with a traditional Italian influence. We offer a vast array of non-coffee beverages as well, including teas, fruit ciders, Italian sodas, fresh fruit smoothies, and protein shakes. We also find that our smoothie bowls, Acai bowls and gluten free or vegan muffin and pastry options are a huge hit in our little city, Poulsbo Wa.

Our staff is equipped with education and training held in our roasting room before they even hit the service floor. Our goal is to match our passion for coffee with a passion for service and professionalism.

Meet the Owners!

Eric Mahler

Eric Mahler


Thriving in the world of coffee since 2012, Eric holds Specialty Coffee Association certification and accompanies several victories in local and abroad coffee art competitions. Responsible for the flow and function of Caffe Cocina’s commercial kitchen and baking operations, he takes pride in locally grown produce and is an active buyer at local farmers markets. Professionally trained through LaMarzocco coffee equipment company and Zoka Coffee Roasters & Tea Co., Eric is especially skilled in selecting and preparing the most palatable coffees, “Selecting roasting profiles is difficult and blending them is even harder. To compete and stand in competition, you must strive to understand everything but stay objective.” Eric’s professional background prior to specialty coffee is in commercial banking, finance and small business. As a Personal Finance Representative he worked in some of the largest banking institutions in the U.S. and is a recipient of six top performance awards. In 2016, he was the awarded “Young Leader of the Year” award from the City of Poulsbo for his work with Caffe Cocina. In 2018, he served the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce as Board President, and is now holding a permanent title of “Past President”.

Eric Currently resides locally with his Fiancé Tiffany and son, River. They enjoy hiking, camping, cooking at home, gardening, art, music and photography. Searching for cinematic greatness is a must and education is everything. “This is our home and we are honored to be part of this incredible community. Thank you to our friends, family and loyal customers who have supported this endeavor, we are truly blessed to be here in the great Pacific Northwest. Theres so much more to come.”

Sharon A. Mahler

Sharon A. Mahler


Sharon is the back end manager that holds everything together. With a retired status from a 38 year career in commercial banking, she was responsible for opening 4 new branch locations and held countless awards for performance and leadership. Not uncommon in her time having two offices with over 20 employees, and overseeing other operations throughout her region. Sharon is a solid backbone for Caffe Cocina, and is passionate about educating and guiding employees toward smart financial decisions. She is responsible for building out healthcare and retirement options for staff members through their employment in which Caffe Cocina matches contribution. Never underestimating possible dangers she has been a pinnacle part of the growth and future of Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co. Her experience with the business world is crucial.

Sharon has lived locally for over 30 years with her husband Ken, and is looking forward to many more. She enjoys spending time with her family and grandson creating memories and traveling. From horseback riding and hiking to camping and creating tradition. “I’m grateful to have lived a life of love, I hope every one can experience the joy this world can provide at least once.”