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Origins: Peru, Honduras, Columbia
Elevations: 4400’
Tasting Notes: Plum, red grape, brown sugar, subtle sweetness.
Roast Profile: Medium Dark

OH, the EPIC outdoors! Like some of us, you may find yourself feeling most at home, when you’re not home, at all. Seeking the unknowns, and uncharted of the great beyond; nature isn’t your hobby, its your lifestyle. You’re a MOUNTAINEER! Constantly searching for greater heights, and incredible views. You used to climb trees, giant rocks and anything you could find, but now you climb the worlds greatest majesties. This coffee climbs to new heights, exploring the greatness that the corners of the world has to offer. Enjoy this in any fashion, wherever you choose. Its best qualities come to life when you’re together, OUTDOORS! Welcome to the OUTBOUND coffee line, by Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co.

Drink Up, You’re OUTBOUND!

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