Cave Dweller

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Origins: Sumatra, Kenya, Columbia
Elevations: 3900’
Tasting Notes: Earthy woods, bright orange citrus, heavy and bold.
Roast Profile: Dark

CAVES! The indoors, of the outdoors. Like some of us, you may find yourself feeling most at home, when you’re not home, at all. Seeking the unknowns, and uncharted of the great beyond; nature isn’t your hobby, its your lifestyle. Taking advantage of every opportunity planet earth has to offer, not even the darkest depths into the earths crust turns you away from the adventures that hide within. You’re a CAVE DWELLER! Were hard pressed to say there are many comparable experiences that a good cave experience can deliver. This coffee is designed to bring flavorful experiences to the world of dark coffee. The torch in the dark if you will. So please, go forth, go farther, is that not why we came? If not, then why bother. Welcome to the OUTBOUND coffee line, by Caffe Cocina Coffee Roasting Co.

Drink Up, You’re OUTBOUND!

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