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Arpeggio Blend

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Origin: The Africa’s
Elevation: 5200’
Tasting Notes: big citrus fruits, peach, apple, pear, orange, chocolate sweet nut.
Dark Roast

Arpeggio, also known as a broken chord, means that the notes of a chord are played in an ascending or descending order. An example if this technique on a guitar is known as “sweep picking”. In addition, many keyboards and midi-controllers have a built-in feature for playing arpeggios. In our coffee world we can take this concept and translate it by taking a single region; in this case, Africa. Blend their amazing offerings from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi etc. To produce an incredible cup delivering versatility and an explosion or tremendous flavors.

Enjoy this dark roast as an espresso, drip, french press, or pour over

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