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Coffee education and Barista immersion training.

Coffee Education

Palate Education

An incredibly fun class that will fill your tummy with coffee, your head with knowledge and heart with love. This class is designed to wake your tastebuds to the idea that no coffee tastes the same. Walking you from the lightest coffee roasting profiles all the way to the darkest profiles, we will discover how your senses play a large part in how you can begin feeling more comfortable describing coffee and the exotic flavors that specialty hand crafted coffee brings to the table.

$45 per person, 1.5 hours

Call for group rates

Manual Extraction Methodology

Wake up your inner mad scientist. One does not simply brew coffee, lets discover how different brewing methods can distinctly change your coffee experience. Come play with Pour Over, Chemex, AeroPress & French Press. Use different recipes and begin conversations around using scales, grinders, and different filters.

$45 p/p 1.5 hours.

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Barista Immersion Training

Practical Skills

So, you like coffee… NO, you LOVE coffee! In fact, you are coffee.

This class is everything you’ve been looking for. As an aspiring barista, this 3 day class will provide you with the skills necessary to compete in the ever aggressive job field of specialty cafes and coffee. From dialing in the perfect grind for your espresso, to building drinks, steaming milk and different milk alternatives. Getting into the nitty gritty of why coffee is affected by weather and seasonal changes. Latte art? Absolutely. A 350 point curriculum and a wealth of practical skills. Start off on the right foot and be a leader in the industry.

$400.00 p/p

Call for group rates. 4 person max.